Maxim and Tatiana Fedyai are natives of the seaside city of Vladivostok, Dreamers at heart, but in reality the creators of the city of the future. We have assembled a team to build a high-quality and ergonomic space for a comfortable life in the land of eternal summer.

Architecture is primarily about human feelings.When designing, our task is to create these feelings: safety / fear /privacy /comfort /admiration, it can be any emotion depending on the function of this place. They can be defined into a form and given a place in architecture.We humans are always looking for new sensations. After all, they are the ones we remember in life, bad / good - it doesn't matter.As Sergey Solonin recently said, "time passes quickly when we live a monotonous life, but when our life is as full and unusual as possible, time is suspended.

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